Our Story

It was difficult for a very well educated young man in his early twenties, who has never been subjected to hardship, to work under the scorching sun daily. He faced so many obstacles and challenges to rise up in the business in which he had no prior experience but his determination and hard work made his dream a reality. He started off with just 2 acres of ground near Lembah Bujang, Kedah; and worked on his own during the early stage of business due to insufficient fund to employ workers to assist him. The in experienced young man has sought help and guidance from various parties to develop the business but no one offered a helping hand. He was left with no choice but to help himself! As time passed by, business started to progress positively. Our company has gained consumers’ satisfaction and trust. Consumers’ satisfaction is our success! With the strong support from our marketers and consumers, we successfully expanded our farm to approximately 17 acres and has employed 12 workers in the Year 2014.


We did not stop there, the big dream was still alive.Our team worked much harder and it has helped us to shift to another bigger farm which is about 33.3 acres in the beginning of Year 2015. Our aim is not solely to improve our individual economic growth but to contribute to the growth and improvement of fellow agropreneurs which will lead to the economic growth of our nation. In the year 2015, we planned to bring this small scale agriculture business to a much bigger scale by welcoming many capable youngster to involve in agribusiness.


Our motive is to cultivate interest and passion for agriculture among the younger generation especially unemployed graduates. We too encouraged the active involvement of women in agriculture. We made that dream possible by introducing Famox Franchise System through which newcomers in the agriculture industry were trained by sharing adequate knowledge and skillful practices before they were introduced into the field to be a key player. They were trained under the special supervision of Mr Ramana K.Naidu who encouraged many youths to take up agriculture as a career.

Besides, Mr Ramana K. Naidu has figured out most common mistakes thatfarmers make which in turn fail them and also ways to troubleshoot and fix the mistakes. To put these ideas and his experiences in good use, he travels all around the country for agricultural consultations and site visiting of our Famox Franchise team members’ farms. Moreover, our team also set-ups strong and sustainable trellis (junjung) for our farmers to reduce their workload and shorten their project period. Famox does not only offer help in term of set-ups, consultations and site visiting ; but also offer free guidance in producing high quality crops and as well marketing their products. Our hard work paid off when countless number of women and youths throughout the nation involved themselves in agribusiness and succeeded! Apart from vegetable crops plantation,


in the year 2015, Famox has ventured into industrial crop plantation and planted Cassava to be marketed locally. Our Cassava plants produced high yield of great quality products which has given us a special place in market. Furthermore, in the year 2016, Mr Ramana K. Naidu has decided to take up the challenge to plant Grain Corn in Malaysia, which was considered as an impossible task because multiple previous attempts of planting grain corn locally has failed terribly and we have have up trying to plant and started to import grain corn fully from foreign countries.


There was a tough psychological barrier among our agropreneurs that planting Grain Corn locally is highly impossible and will not give any profit. Although many people discouraged him by saying it was impossible, Mr Ramana K. Naidu somehow saw a possibility; hence he boldly took up the challenge to make it possible!As a result, Famox is the pioneer company in Malaysia to explore deeply into grain corn field and successfully become the first commercial grain corn planter in the country. Famox is also in the process of building a strong foundation of grain corn industry in the nation by encouraging many agropreneurs to join intoFamox’s wing and contribute to the nation’s growth!