Directors Message


We have a relatively brief and yet all the more eventful past to look back on. A great deal has happened since the founding of Northern Inter Enterprise in 2011 which then gave rise to Famox Agrotech Sdn Bhd in year 2015 and followed by Famox Plantation (M) Sdn Bhd in year 2017. We started building the dream of bringing our nation’s agriculture industry to the next level from a very basic and humble background. We started off by planting crops in just 2 acres of land back in year 2011 and gradually improved to plant various crops in much bigger scale. The quality of our crops and the success of our productions have been honored and distinguished many times over by both government-linked agencies, non-governmental bodies and institutions. In addition to the many challenges posed by the expansion of the company’s production, we have also managed to build a wide distribution network and have completed numerous projects which qualify us as the most reliable producer of fresh, healthy crops of high quality. In 2015, we began to step into the production of industrial crops especially Cassava. Subsequently, in year 2016, we further improved our commitment and contribution to the agriculture field of this country by becoming the first commercial Grain Corn planter in the nation. On our company profile, you will find a wealth of information about our involvement, our visions and also learn a bit about the company, but first and foremost you will learn about our – Famox Grain Corn project which will make a great contribution to our nation’s economic growth. Discover FAMOX!



Ramana K. Naidu

Director of Famox Plantation (M) Sdn Bhd