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We have a relatively brief and yet all the more eventful past to look back on. A great deal has happened since the founding of Northern Inter Enterprise in 2011 which then gave rise to Famox Agrotech Sdn Bhd in year 2015 and followed by Famox Plantation (M) Sdn Bhd in year 2017


We intend to be the nation’s leading corporation in Grain Corn industry.


Customer care

Our company exists due to our customers. We respect and appreciate our customers. We study their needs carefully in order to react efficiently according to their need and we develop for them and with them. We achieve this by building new plantation operations, improving our technology and service and making our business processes more efficient

What We Offer

Maize Plantation

Maize contract farming (ladang kontrak jagung bijian)

Maximize agriculture profit from your own land by assigning contract farming to Famox. We will provide everything from manpower to machinery and consultation until a certain stage of crops development to even buy the crops harvested. Contact us for more details.

Napier Plantation

Napier grass contract farming (ladang kontrak rumput Napier)

Utilize your land with Napier plantation. A type of grass which is climatically tolerant and has the potential for year-round cropping for animal feed and renewable energy market for maximum income generation.

Cassava Plantation

Cassava  plantation

We supply high quality cassava to animal feed producer, cassava pellet and dry cassava producer.

Agriculture Product

Seeds, Herbicides, Fertilizer and many more

Optimize the crops yield by providing the best nutrient and protection for higher yield and better crops quality.


Machinery Rental and Wholesale

Modern engineering along with tractors and new machinery has shifted the farming industry to one of efficiency and mass production. Farming is no longer a small scale production, but rather one that takes place with massive machines over thousands of hectares.

Why Choose Us

Begun agriculture with just 2 acres in Dec 2011

Long beans as first crop.Alternatively planted long beans and cucumbers

Successfully expanded to 17 acres in a year plus , 2013/2014

Planted various types of crops. Continuous crops production throughout the year

Further expansion to 37.3 acres in April 2015

Fruits plantation such as Banana, Papaya. Involvement in Cassava Plantation

Continuous expansion to 138 acres in Jan 2016

Involvement in Grain Corn Plantation (Pioneer Commercial Grain Corn Planter in Malaysia)

Successful expansion to 250 acres in Dec 2016

Planted various types of crops. Continuous crops production throughout the year

March 2017 : 310 Acres of agriculture land

Involvement in Grain Corn Plantation (Pioneer Commercial Grain Corn Planter in Malaysia)

Our Goal

Our goal is to learn from our past experiences, to regain profitability and to continue to develop and grow by taking advantage of the opportunities presented by current economic conditions in order to be the leading corporation in nation’s grain corn industry.

Our Values

We are determined to make Total Quality Management (TQM) our way of lifeby committing ourselves to the following values :

Practicing fairness and honesty at all the times.

Winning respect and trust of our business partners.

Valuing team work and open communication

Involving in nation’s ongoing development.

Participating in continues improvement.

Committed to excellence in our organization.

Quality Policy

Customer satisfaction is our aim!

Everyone in our company is responsible to ensure customer satisfaction.

Zero customer complaint.

Zero quality defect.

List Of Agriculture Awards

Anugerah Usahawan Tani Berjaya

By Menteri Pertanian & Industri Asas Tani [ Year 2014 ]

Master Agro Award

By Agricultural Protection and Development Association of Malaysia (APDAM)[ Year 2016 ]

Anugerah Agropreneur Muda Jaya

In conjuction with HPPNK, Kedah State Level.[ Year 2016 ]

Special Achievement Award for Agricultural Excellence

By Malaysian Indian Entrepreneurs Cooperative during Perdana Young Entrepreneur Award Ceremony [ Year 2016 ]


By YB Menteri Pertanian dan Industri Asas Tani, Dato’ Haji Salahuddin bin Ayub.

MAHA 2018, MAEPS Serdang.

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